Our Partners

Meet the organisations that make our incredible work possible. From life-saving equipment to staff training, none of it would be possible without their generous support.

Costas M Lemos Foundation

Having supported us for many years, their approach to partnership working and commitment to sustainable healthcare has helped us to thrive. We’ve been lucky enough to have been working with them for many years now.


They’ve been with us since the very beginning. With their fundraising activities, regular gifts and pro-bono work, they’ve made a huge impact on our mission.

The Lady Fatemah Trust

Their support began in 2020 and they’re now funding work in our maternal and newborn health projects, as well as stepping up as early investors for an Emergency Department at Makunduchi hospital.


One of our newest partners, with a year of fundraising kicking off in August 2021. This global pharmaceutical company started out with the Pharmanovia Zanzibar 85 virtual challenge and aims to raise £50,000 for our cause.

Healthy Heart Africa

HIPZ is excited to be partnering with AstraZeneca to deliver their flagship Healthy Heart Africa programme in Zanzibar. Together, we will improve the services to screen, diagnose and treat patients with hypertension – a condition that affects 1 in 4 adults. Over the next two years we will be working with healthcare professionals and community members across Zanzibar to raise awareness of, and increase screening for, this critical health issue.


Back in 2014, their funding paid for a brand new primary healthcare unit at Kivunge Hospital. Since then, they’ve contributed over £100,000 to our charity, including new equipment for the surgical theatres in 2021.


Since 2014, they’ve provided us with over £100,000. This funded the Kangaroo Mothercare wards that have saved countless premature babies’ lives. Not to mention formula milk for malnourished babies.

International Health Partners

We have joined forces with International Health Partners (IHP), a UK charity that works with pharmaceutical companies from across the world to get medicine to people who need it. Our partnership with IHP will enable us to sustainably improve the stocks of essential medicines, including drugs for mental health, emergency medicine and maternal health. 

The Randal Charitable Foundation

The Randal Charitable Foundation have funded reclining beds for our brand new emergency department in Kivunge Hospital. The department will treat over 12,000 people a year and we're grateful to the Randal Charitable Foundation for contributing to this essential service. To see more of the brilliant projects they support, visit http://www.randalfoundation.org.uk.

The Rotary Club of Stone Town, Zanzibar

In collaboration with the global Rotary Club network, they’ve worked to raise over £250,000 for HIPZ. Their support enables us to build new wards, purchase essential equipment and train key members of staff.

The Evan Cornish Foundation

With a particular interest in our mental health outreach programme, they’re helping us to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health illness in some of Zanzibar’s most rural communities.

The Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission

Thanks to their generous support, we’re going to train more than 200 community health volunteers who will deliver mental health support to over 2000 locals in their own homes.

Blackdown Partners

Blackdown Partners is a London based management consultancy and we've been lucky enough to benefit from their support for many years. They provide funding for whatever we need, and in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic they supported us with emergency funding to enable us to continue working through a truly rocky period.

The Geoff Herrington Foundation

The Geoff Herrington Foundation supports young people who are socially or economically disadvantaged, both in the UK and overseas. We are delighted to be partnering with them to deliver Zanzibar's first ever youth mental health programme.

Comic Relief

While the TV show is all about laughing, their funding has made a serious difference. From 2017-20, they funded the introduction of community-based mental health support for over 300,000 people.

Festival Medical Services

Having been a fantastic support of our work for many years, they most recently helped in our paediatric burns programme.

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Our work is made possible by the support of our partners and friends.