Our Partners

HIPZ has been able to carry our such transformative work in Zanzibar because of our partners. The organisations and individuals that support us make it possible for us to build wards, train staff and buy life saving equipment.

The Rotary Club of Stone Town, Zanzibar has worked with the global Rotary network to raise over £250,000 for HIPZ. Their support enabled the build of completely new wards, the purchase of essential equipment and the training of key members of staff.

ZIDO has provided us with over £100,000 since 2014. They funded the Kangaroo Mothercare Wards for premature babies at both Kivunge and Makunduchi Hospitals and have funded formula milk for malnourished babies.

Our mental health programme is funded by Comic Relief and has introduced community based mental health support to a population of over 300,000 people. Alongside our community programme they have supported our psychiatry clinics in the hospitals and the introduction of a referral programme with traditional healers.

VCCP have been supporting us since the very beginning. Their fundraising bike rides, regular gifts and pro-bono support have made a huge difference to our work.

Please support HIPZ.

We will keep improving the health care provision in Zanzibar and every pound donated helps us to achieve more.