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Our Story

In 2006, Dr Ru MacDonagh was invited to visit Makunduchi hospital. He found no doctors, very limited drugs and broken equipment. Even the simplest procedures couldn’t be performed.

Ru set to work, creating HIPZ in collaboration with the Ministry of Health – dedicated to improving healthcare and renovating the hospital. Our hard work was such a success, we also took on Kivunge hospital in 2012.

The hospitals have transformed from understaffed and unequipped buildings to thriving hubs with 37 trained doctors. They offer a range of services in well-managed wards, spanning maternity, paediatric, mental health, surgery and dentistry.

We’re proud of what we’ve created, and are always planning new ways to make things even better.

Why We Exist

We want the 1.5 million people living across Zanzibar to have easy access to safe healthcare.

It may sound simple, but there are a lot of challenges. 

Zanzibar only has $25 per person each year for healthcare, compared with the $3500 we spend in the UK. So while we desperately need more doctors and nurses, there isn’t enough money to pay them, or to buy the equipment they need to do their jobs. 

Life-saving equipment is vital but expensive, and we struggle with unreliable electricity to keep it running. Stocks of basic medical supplies such as bandages often run short, making treatments even more difficult. 

Covid-19 has made these supplies even harder to come by, and with less tourism healthcare budgets have been cut even further. 

The good news is we’re up for a challenge. So even with all these hurdles, we’re out there making a difference to people every day – thanks to the funding of our generous supporters.

How We Work

We have six key values we swear to work by:

Put patients first

Be locally rooted and led

Create equal, consistent healthcare for all​

Always be collaborative

Make our solutions long term, cost effective, evidence based and innovative​

Approach the health system as a whole​

And six key missions we want to achieve:

Strengthen systems & processes

Train people to increase the health workforce

Introduce and expand clinical services

Improve infrastructure in hospitals & health facilities

Work with the community to increase awareness

Invest in health research

Support Us Today

Our work is made possible by the support of our partners and friends.