Jabir James | Clinical Operations Director

Jabir is our Clinical Operations Director, and he has been with HIPZ since 2015. He oversees all our work in the hospitals and other health facilities, working closely with the Hospital Management Team. He keeps an eye on equipment needs, service delivery and is no stranger to building entire new departments from scratch.

Jabir has a background and hospital management, having held roles managing hospitals in Arusha, Tanzania as well as in Zanizbar. He holds qualifications in Public Health and Hospital Management.

Pamela Allard | Programme Advisor

Pam is HIPZ’s Programme Advisor, and has been part of the HIPZ team since 2014. Pam is at the heart of HIPZ, keeping our staff, hospital team and donors connected to the purpose and achievements of our work.

Pam originally hails from Chicago but has lived and worked in Tanzania for over twenty years and has extensive experience in working with NGOs in the health sector. Pam has a deep respect for the culture and a passion for the language and the sense of community on the island.

Simon Kühnert | Programme Director

Simon is HIPZ’s Programme Director, and has been with HIPZ since April 2019. He keeps our programmes on track, loves a results framework, and works across the team to support the design and doing of all of our work.

Simon’s background is in NGO management, having spent four years working with Better Me e.V, a German NGO working in Kenya as a Volunteer Coordinator and Program Manager and stints for a wide range of other organisations across the world including Belize and Uganda. He holds an MSC in Human Security and a BA in Governance and Public Policy.

Haji Fatawi | Mental Health Coordinator

Haji (or Fatawi as he is known) is the Mental Health Coordinator at HIPZ. Since 2017 he has been our project lead on mental health, coordinating this programme in the community and in health facilities. Whilst he’s now a specialist in mental health, he hasn’t forgotten his nursing roots and it’s not uncommon to find him performing a C-section at Makunduchi Hospital in his weekends off.

Fatawi was working in Makunduchi Hospital as a nurse when we took over the management of the facility in 2007, and since then we have worked closely with him to support his passion for mental health. He has a huge range of medical skills, including anaesthesia, optometry, nutritrion and hospital management. He is also always smiling, and brings huge optimism to the whole team.

Zainab Ahmed | Finance Manager, Zanzibar

Zainab is HIPZ’s Finance Manager in Zanzibar, and she has been keeping our numbers together since 2016. She looks after all of our financial systems, and keeps our bookkeeping in order.

Zainab was previously the accountant for East African Productive Trainers in Dar Es Salaam, and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting from Zanzibar University. She was previously the Minister of Women and Development for the Zanzibar Institute of Financial Administration Society.

Othman Ali Makame | Administrator

Othman has been a full time member of the HIPZ team since 2020, but before joining as our Administrator he provided Kiswahili lessons for our international volunteers. Othman is the right hand man to everyone at HIPZ – whether it’s driving out to the hospitals to help fix something, taking video footage for us to share with donors, or inputting data for our mental health programme – he can turn his hand to everything.

Jess Price | UK Operations and Development Director

Jess has been with HIPZ since November 2019 and oversees the UK side of our, including fundraising, working closely with our partners, supporting the Board of Trustees and dabbling with finance.

Jess’ background includes a few years as Head of Fundraising at Street Child United, and varied experience in the non-profit sector including time in Cambodia, Brazil and Tanzania and a stint as a Corporate Fundraising Consultant. Before planting her feet firmly in the world of charities, Jess spent years working in festivals and events. She holds a Masters in International Development and Theatre from Leeds University, and a BA from Aberystwyth University.

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