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When HIPZ arrived at Makunduchi Hospital in 2007 there were no doctors, non-existent management and extremely run down, dilapidated facilities. Before HIPZ, neither Kivunge nor Makunduchi Hospitals had ever had a doctor employed as a regular member of staff. Existing staff were minimally trained with no senior support. There were very high levels of infant and maternal mortality, malnutrition and both communicable and non-communicable diseases, all of which are largely preventable.

In 2007 we took on the management of Makunduchi Hospital, and following our successes there, in 2012 the Ministry of Health asked us to take on Kivunge Hospital as well. We have a long term Memorandum of Understanding in partnership with the Government to manage and improve both of these hospitals, serving a population of 350,000 people in rural Zanzibar.

In 2020 we are launching our innovative Clinical Improvement Groups (CIG) that will empower local staff.  Each clinical area has a CIG led by a local doctor and nurse who identify ways to improve their clinical area. They work with HIPZ to create solutions. The CIGs will strengthen local ownership, empower the local staff to make decisions and will ultimately strengthen services to improve outcomes for patients.

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